Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Oh hello neglected space. I'm back for a while. Long enough to vandalise this space once more with some pictures and then be gone again until then. In between the previous post till now, I've gotten a new mac; took the hard disk out from the previous one and got my data out from there. Seems legit to convert it into additional storage should the alternative method to revive the machine fail.

The long standing issue with the kitchen cabinet was finally resolved with a new build. It is really silly if you ask me; for all the drama and whatnots that we endured. Sigh.

It has been raining, and raining a lot at times. Talk about extreme weather. And perhaps soon we'll have the annual ponding season again, I kid you not. The ghosts of the past have the tendency to come bite you on the ass, lest you forget about them.

New waffle places are sprouting out faster than the ice cream can melt.

Other than that, I love the new machine. First post from it.

New. New.
We need dinozord power now!
月圆之夜 from the kitchen
It was raining
And then it poured.
Almost drenched while eating this
Almost a staple post Tuesday sports.. 
Congrats Jason
New waffle place opposite
It was pouring again on Good Friday.
About the thickest sirloin that I ever had.
Hullo Wilfred, got reminded of you
My first, and last?!! match experience! 
Prezzie from Cheenaa
An apple a day
But good things come in pairs
Obligatory unboxing shot. 
The 13
And the 15
Ah beng shop, missing the lighter fluid nia. 
It is really quite speedy apparently. 
A belated post, but heck. 
Sunset one day at Lor 7
OCD fail.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Was supposed to get this done last night before I forgot but, I fell asleep. Haa. So rewind to yesterday.

I brought the Mac in for servicing and was promptly quoted 883 for the logic board replacement. It was rather close to the 1k that I had expected. So.. Time to shop for a new one :))

Upon exiting the train station, I was reminded of those days back in school whereby it was my primary mode of transport. The good 'ol days whereby it didn't break down.. Haha. So as I exit the station after being hit by a wall of hot humid air,  I played this particular track on the playlist. A track that I always listened to whenever I was walking home from there. Except this time it wasn't on the iPod video.

Realised I took roughly the same amount of time to walk back, confirmed by the 'checkpoints' in the song. Haha.. It is a little 无聊, but somewhat nostalgic moment.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Potentially may be a long post.. We'll see.

Resolved the long standing issue of the over and the cabinet. The people are coming down on Sat to remove the old one while installing a new set, one which can accommodate the oven we bought. Experience with the issue reminded me once again how childish, mean and nasty I can become on a bad day. Especially dealing with rude people who don't deserve any respect.

Combination of factors added up for a lousy week. And adding to that the mac died. Probably a logic board issue. If it is then I guess it is time to look for a new one already. After all the analysis and reasoning for holding back a iMac purchase... ROFL. The way life comes back to bite you on the ass.

Not so long after all.

Cutting the long story short, I ate this yet I didn't. 
Some random hot day
I spy with my... 
A MIC fuel cap on a MIC car?

There's rum in the bananas! 
Round 1
O hello 2.4 route circa 1998-2001

One of the most retro pool around I believe.
Round 2
Twilight zone?
it's the little things that make you smile
Need a better front camera... Hmmmmmmmm 


Sorry Wilfred. LOL 
Always comforting
White bee hoon with lard
It was........ ookay?
Now you see it
Now you don't. Failed to work anyway........... dead... 

Explosion proof, meaning you will die and this piece will be left standing... 
Because I'm happy......